Classroom Treaty Simulations

Engaging the next generation of leaders in treaty education

Treaty Negotiation and Implementation Simulations bring together emerging leaders to learn from experts about modern treaties.

Why Teach about Treaties?

Treaty Negotiation and Implementation Simulations bring together emerging leaders to learn from experts about modern treaties. It is important to understand treaties because they impact all people living in Canada. Treaties are a significant part of our history, present and future.

The Gordon Foundation’s Treaty Simulation model provides a hands-on learning experience to help participants understand treaties in Canada. Participants gain knowledge, new connections and a deeper interest in treaties. The Foundation runs Treaty Simulations in collaboration with communities, schools and treaty experts. During a Treaty Simulation, emerging leaders have the opportunity to explore different perspectives as they take turns representing negotiators from an Indigenous government or organization, and federal or territorial/provincial government. Over multiple classes, students experience the realities of negotiating and implementing part of a Modern Treaty or Self-Government Agreement, or the implementation of historic treaties in the context of current events. In teams representing Canada, a province or territory, and an Indigenous Nation or organization, participants are guided by experienced advisors as they present their positions and negotiate to reach an agreement.

What are the impacts of a Treaty Simulation in the classroom?

Secondary School

2023 Treaty Simulation pilot classroom teacher

“The most effective way to engage students with something I wish I was exposed to when I was a student here.”


2020 Treaty Simulation participant

“My experience was very eye-opening. I had very little prior knowledge but came in with huge interest in this line of work. I realise now how important and educational the simulation was, especially involving youth in it, someone like me, who now has a better understanding.”

Watch the Treaty Simulation Explainer Video

Educator Toolkits for Treaty Simulations in the Classroom

To support the Treaty Simulation model, The Foundation has created additional learning materials and resources, including regional Educator Toolkits for Treaty Simulations in the Classroom, and educator training events.

Our Educator Toolkits are accessible in full only through passwords provided to educators and staff in the corresponding regions. Check out the preview versions for a glimpse into these valuable resources.

NWT Educator Toolkit

Created in partnership with the Government of Northwest Territories Department of Education, Culture and Employment department.

Full access (password protected)

Yukon Educator Toolkit

Created in partnership with Government of Yukon, Aboriginal Relations.

Full access (password protected)

“As a teacher, I appreciated having the opportunity to see the Gordon Foundation facilitators roll out the simulation. I feel much more confident and prepared for a time in the future when I am the one hosting the simulation.”

2023 Treaty Simulation pilot classroom teacher

“Getting an education will lead to better things, not just for them, but potential to be the next leaders in this whole process of negotiating treaties”
~ Frank Dragon
Citizen of the Gwich’in Nation, Northwest Territories
Negotiator, Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’tles7et’h First Nations Financial Fiscal Agreement, Maanulth Final Agreement, British Columbia

“… Agreements need to be implemented, and that means that it goes beyond the people that have negotiated, onto a new generation of young people who can prepare themselves to know about those treaties… to give them a seed for something that they can pursue and be part of, so that if they go into higher education or they want to gain more about Indigenous knowledge, then they have an opportunity to seek it while they’re young so that they can take leadership in designing and doing implementation to make sure that those treaties become fruitful in its application.”
~ Dr. John B. Zoe
Citizen of Tłı̨chǫ Nation, Northwest Territories
Negotiator, Tłı̨chǫ Agreement

Additional Resources for Educators

You and your students can start a treaty learning journey today! Dig into our Learn video series featuring advisors in the field.

Check out our Treaty Resource Collection for additional learning materials and resources from our partners and around the web.

Contact us if you would like to run a Treaty Simulation in your classroom or want to see a customized Educator Toolkit for your region.

The Treaty Simulation model is a model of The Gordon Foundation (TGF) and not made available to the general public. All materials developed by TGF are owned by TGF. Anyone using TGF materials must notify and credit TGF.