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Browse our curated selection of treaty learning resources, including region-specific content and guidance for educators covering treaties in the classroom. Discover even more resources collected from our partners and others around the country who are supporting treaty learning.

Our Partners

Meet The Gordon Foundation’s partners who made Understanding Our Treaties possible, and learn about the work they do.

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Treaty Resource Collection

There are many treaty learning resources across the country, and we put together a collection for you to explore.

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Regional Resources

Discover the history and current landscape of treaties in different areas. More regional pages coming soon.

Educator Resources

The Gordon Foundation has developed Educator Toolkits for Classroom Treaty Simulations.

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Native Land Map

Native Land Digital maintains an interactive map that features Indigenous treaties across the world. Their mission is to map Indigenous lands in a way that changes, challenges, and improves the way people see the history of their countries and peoples. They hope to strengthen the spiritual bonds that people have with the land, its people, and its meaning. They strive to map Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages across the world in a way that goes beyond colonial ways of thinking in order to better represent how Indigenous people want to see themselves.

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