Start your treaty journey.

Travel through each series, learning more about treaties with each episode. Available in video or audio-only streaming options, as well as illustrated texts to download.

series 01.
The Journey Starts Here

An introduction to treaties and how they impact your life.

s01 Illustrated Text

series 02.
The Treaty Basics

Travel through time, exploring historic and modern treaties.

s02 Illustrated Text

series 03.
The Implementation Deep Dive

Dive deeper into modern treaty implementation and its impacts on you.

s03 Illustrated Text

series 04.
The Modern Treaty Parties: Canada

Learn about the federal government’s role in modern treaty negotiation and implementation.

s04 Illustrated Text

series 05.
The Modern Treaty Career Guide

Explore how you can get involved in modern treaties with some unexpected job ideas.

s05 Illustrated Text

Treaty Talks

Stories from emerging leaders and advisors in the field to inspire and inform.

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